Legalization of Documents

Apostilling Documents For Use in Foreign Countries (Member States)

Bermuda is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention 1951 (‘the Hague Apostille Convention’). Accordingly, Bermuda companies that conduct business around the world may request that documents be ‘Legalized’ or ‘Apostilled’ for use in foreign countries that are member states, state parties or contracting states.


The procedures introduced by the Hague Apostille Convention simplified the legalization process between member states and reduced all of the formalities of legalization to the simple delivery of a certificate in a prescribed form, the ‘Apostille,’ by the authorities of the state where the document originates. ‘Apostilling’ is the actual physical certificate attached or affixed to the document to be authenticated.


Legalizing Documents for Use in Foreign Countries (Non-Member States)

For documents that need to be legalized by a foreign embassy, Apex Law Group Ltd. provides the requisite notarial and Bermuda legalization services and liaises with the appropriate embassies or consular offices to have the documents properly legalized for use in a foreign country which is a non-Member of the Hague Apostille Convention.


For further information on the procedures involved in having documents apostilled or legalized, or for legal assistance, please contact us.