Legal Opinions

Due to the broad range of corporate and commercial matters and litigation support provided to both international and local clients with respect to the operations of Bermuda entities on island or around the world, our firm offers legal opinions on a wide spectrum of issues, including:

  • The corporate capacity and validity of a Bermuda company, partnership, trust or exempted undertaking
  • The validity and on-going compliance of the registration of a Bermuda insurer/reinsurer, trust company, investment fund, investment manager or investment broker
  • The enforceability of certain terms of a contract under Bermuda law (whether the governing law is ‘Bermuda’ or a Foreign jurisdiction)
  • If the Foreign Law is the governing law of a contract, is it a valid choice of law and would it be recognized and given effect in any action brought before a Bermuda court
  • The enforceability of a foreign judgment in Bermuda
  • Under what circumstances a Bermuda Court would enforce a foreign judgment
  • Shareholder Rights arising under Bermuda law
  • The prospectus requirements prescribed by the Companies Act 1981 and their applicability to an offering of shares to the public and the exemption provisions
  • The validity of the registration of a mortgage or charge under Bermuda law, including an aircraft or ship mortgage
  • The validity of the registration of an aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Register or a ship on the Bermuda Shipping Register
  • The “listing” of securities on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (‘BSX’) and the listing requirements for the main board and the Mezzanine Market of the BSX
  • The legal consequences of an amalgamation, continuation or other re-structuring of a Bermuda company
  • The scope of the fiduciary duties of directors and officers of Bermuda companies under Bermuda law
  • The work permit requirements under Bermuda law for persons who engage in employment in Bermuda
  • The rules applicable to foreign ownership of Bermuda Property


If you require any further information, or would like to address a legal issue, please contact our office.