Corporate Admin Services

Once a Bermuda exempted company has been incorporated, it must comply with the residency requirements prescribed by the Companies Act, 1981 (as amended). Some exempted companies have a physical presence on island through establishing separate offices and employing staff to service those offices. Other exempted companies sub-contract out these corporate administrative and secretarial functions to law firms and other service providers that do have a physical presence in Bermuda. At Apex Law Group Ltd., we provide a full range of administrative and corporate services through our affiliated corporate services company, Richmond Corporate Services Limited.


These corporate administration and secretarial services include:

  • The provision of a person to act as a Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the Company who will be responsible for maintaining the corporate records, including the preparation of all documents in connection with meetings of the Company, attending such meetings for the purpose of taking the minutes and preparing such minutes for the approval of the Company
  • The establishment and maintenance of the Minute Book, Register of Members and Register of Directors and Officers
  • Liaising and corresponding on behalf of the Company with other service providers of the Company as specifically requested, such as bankers, managers, accountants and auditors
  • Liaising and corresponding with Government Authorities in Bermuda in connection with the Company and, in particular, attending to annual returns and ensuring that annual government fees are paid by the Company in a timely manner
    Providing a Resident Representative (in order to meet the minimum residency requirement under Bermuda law) or providing resident Bermuda Directors (when required)


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