Bermuda Aircraft Registrations

The Bermuda Aircraft Register, maintained by the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA), is well respected around the world for the registration of aircraft (particularly aircraft used for private purposes). The BDCA is considered a business sensitive regulatory body that is responsive to customers and flexible in its approach to internationally recognized standards for licensing, operating and maintaining private aircraft, while maintaining high standards of professionalism and respect. Download our Memorandum on the Advantages of Bermuda for Registering Aircraft for detailed information.


Bermuda exempted companies or persons resident in Bermuda are qualified to register an aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Register provided the ultimate ownership and control of the company is disclosed to the Director of Civil Aviation. The Department of Civil Aviation in Bermuda examines each application carefully to determine its acceptability and appropriateness with regard to statute and government policy. For more information, view our Memorandum on the Incorporation of a Bermuda Exempted Company.


Prior to proceeding with the incorporation of a Bermuda exempted company, prospective applicants generally seek “Approval in Principle” for the registration of the aircraft. This process involves a preliminary application setting out brief details of the ownership, the aircraft itself, the maintenance, operations and crewing arrangements, the main geographical areas of intended use and any other facts helpful in enabling a decision to be made. Once the aircraft has received approval in principle, it will be designated a Registration Mark (this mark consists of five letters commencing with the nationality mark VP or VQ and followed by the three letters assigned to the specific aircraft).


A physical inspection of the aircraft prior to final Bermuda Registration will normally be undertaken by the Department of Civil Aviation.


The majority of aircraft registered are corporate and private executive types and aircraft leased to public transport undertakings (where the State of the Operator has agreed to accept a formal delegation of a substantial portion of operational and airworthiness oversight responsibilities) and “white-tailed” aircraft awaiting lease or sale. The Director of Civil Aviation may issue a Certificate of Airworthiness to an aircraft registered in Bermuda that is being sold or leased and registered in another jurisdiction. If you require further information on Bermuda Aircraft Registrations or assistance with an application, please contact us. For further information, please review our Memorandum on Bermuda Aircraft Registrations or contact us.