Chelsea Stirling

Apex Law Group Ltd.’s Associate Attorney, Compliance Officer and Corporate Administrator, Chelsea Stirling was born on November 12th, 1985, in Loma Linda, California. She graduated from the Bermuda Institute in 2003 and attended Law School at the University of Kent in Canterbury, U.K. She graduated in 2007 with her Bachelor of Law degree (LL.B.).


In 2009, Chelsea obtained her LPC post-graduate qualifications from The College of Law in London, U.K. Shortly after, she returned to Bermuda and completed her pupilage at Alterra (Bermuda) Limited, formerly Max Bermuda Ltd., an exempted reinsurance company under the Insurance/Reinsurance Counsel. Choosing a company instead of a law firm for her pupilage paved the way for other struggling law graduates looking for alternatives. Thereafter, many students were able to complete their pupilage and be called to the Bermuda Bar.

Chelsea joined Apex Law Group Ltd. in July 2011 as an Associate Attorney. She continues to gain a wide spectrum of legal experience in corporate and commercial law and civil litigation.

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